If you have the luxury of an air conditioner unit for you home, you will want to ensure it receives the utmost care and upkeep. Ultimately, though, things happen and avoiding the need to replace your A/C unit is not necessarily an option. But, how are you supposed to know what to look for when determining whether or not your A/C is ready for an upgrade? At Comfort Pros Heating And Cooling, we want to provide you with the tools needed to identify the signs indicating you may need air conditioning services.

Here are 5 signs to be aware of when considering an A/C replacement:

  • Lack of cool airflow
    • If you have identified inefficiencies in your A/C unit, and its lack of cooling potential, it is a good sign that it’s simply not performing properly.
    • This issue could also be the result of restricted airflow due to clogs in the A/C pipework.
  • Strange sounds
    • It is a given that your A/C will make noise. However, if you are hearing squeaking, grinding, or chattering, it is typically not a normal sound. Air conditioners are meant to operate at a noise level that is hardly detectable. If your A/C is making a scene, it may be time to trade it out.
  • Poor SEER rating
    • If your air conditioner has a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating below 13, you can easily cut back on your energy costs by upgrading. In the end, your energy bill will likely cost you more than an A/C replacement altogether.
    • As a result of a low energy rating, you may be paying unworldly costs to keep your A/C running. If your energy bill is going up and there has been little to no change in the way you are using it, this may be a good indication that your system is not as efficient as it should be. If this is the case, your unit is just working too hard.
  • Humidity inconsistencies
    • The role of your A/C is not only to cool things down, but also to control and remove humidity from the air. For anyone who has lived in the South, humidity is not necessarily comfortable. If you happen to notice a change in humidity, this could be another telltale sign that your A/C is not functioning properly.
  • Build-up of moisture
    • When your unit is producing an excessive amount of moisture, or you observe leakage around the unit, it could be that you have a refrigerant leak in your midst. That main concern here? Be cautious with excessive moisture as it can lead to a build up of mold.

While all of this can seem overwhelming, Comfort Pros Heating And Cooling in Blue Springs is here to provide you with expert advice, diagnosis, and next steps. Our certified technicians are determined to provide you with the best possible air conditioning service. Contact us today to receive a free quote and allow the HVAC experts to do the worrying for you!