You have a lot on your to-do list as a homeowner. Because of this, it’s sometimes hard to notice signs you may need a new air conditioner or prioritize caring for your AC unit in the summer. As HVAC contractors, we understand how overwhelming it can feel when you don’t know the first thing about AC services. We also know which of the common sayings out there about AC units aren’t quite as true as you may think. 

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Air filters don’t matter.

Whoever told you that air filters aren’t important was just plain ol’ wrong. If you have a new air conditioner with a new filter, for example, air will move through quickly and easily. As the filter collects debris, however, your AC unit will have to work harder and harder to bring in clean air and cool down your home — which means more bills for you, including potentially needing air conditioning service.

Fans will help cool down your house.

Sure, your living room or bedroom may feel a bit more bearable in the summer with a fan on. However, it’s not affecting the air temperature in your house one bit.

Lowering the thermostat’s temperature will cool your home faster.

When you lower the temperature on your thermostat, it will cool at the same rate as if it were at a higher temperature. It always operates at a consistent rate. This means that lowering the temperature won’t cool your home faster — it will just waste energy.

Turning off your AC unit when you’re not home saves energy.

Let’s say you leave in the morning for work, turn off your AC unit, and then turn it on when you come home. You’ll save energy, right? Wrong. Now, if you were to be gone for an extended amount of time, such as a week, and did the same thing, then you can expect to save energy. This is because your unit uses more energy and has to work harder to cool down the house when your AC hasn’t been running.

You only need HVAC contractors when you have problems.

There are many reasons to schedule air conditioning services. Besides, preventing AC repair over time could simply mean frequent check-ups and minor adjustments over the years from HVAC contractors.

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