With March showers come… even more showers in April? It can be hard to recall the sunshine and heat of summer when it’s still so chilly and wet. But when it comes to your home air conditioning system, now is the right time to start prepping for summer! It’s probably been a fair few months since you’ve needed to run the A/C, which means that it’s going to need a bit of help when it’s time to start it up again. If you want your A/C to blast cold air all summer — hopefully without sending your energy bill through the roof — it’s a good idea to start preparing your system now. Try the following steps to help your air conditioner run smoothly this summer.


Do I Really Need To?

You don’t really need to — unless you actually want your HVAC system to stay in good repair and last longer without expensive fixes. Yes, routine maintenance is important, especially if your A/C has been dormant for the winter. Getting your air conditioning serviced before summer can help minimize repairs. A checkup can catch issues while they’re small and easy to repair, which can ultimately save you time and money. It can also help improve efficiency, which means a longer lifespan for your system and can help keep your utility bills lower throughout the summer months.


Prepping Your A/C For Summer

Remove Covers & Inspect

Step one toward pre-summer air conditioner service should always be removing any sort of cover you have over your outdoor coil. Whether it’s a condenser cover, a coil blanket, or a lid, those items can inhibit heat transfer. Running your A/C with any sort of cover on the coil can cause some serious damage. After you’ve taken off any protective coverings, it’s time to inspect the outdoor unit. Check for missing or misaligned panels before starting up your air conditioning system.


Give It a Cleaning

This step involves a couple of different moves. First, you’ll want to clean or replace the filters so you don’t turn on your system to filters that are jammed full of dust. Not only will that dust end up reducing the filter’s effectiveness at keeping dust out of the air, but it can also reduce the efficiency of your A/C system as a whole. While you’re at it, this is the perfect time to clean out those condenser coils outside. If you left it covered all winter, it will probably only need a bit of a rinse off. If it was uncovered, however, you’ll need to get out any leaves, twigs, or other debris that may have collected. Take off the protective side and top panels — after making sure the system is completely powered off, of course. Gently clean the outside of the coils with a refrigerator coil brush or the soft-bristled brush of a vacuum. Be careful to avoid damaging the fins, however.

Check the Lines

The coolant lines for an air conditioning unit are generally covered with foam insulation to protect them throughout temperature changes. While you’re doing your basic start-of-season air conditioning service, check the lines to make sure they aren’t frayed and take the time to replace any missing or holey insulation so the lines remain protected.

You’ll want to be sure your A/C system is checked and cleaned up before starting it up for the first time. Basic cleaning isn’t all there is to air conditioning service, either. If you’re uncomfortable doing so yourself or your system is older and needs more thorough attention, contact the HVAC specialists at Comfort Pros Heating & Cooling to schedule your air conditioning service in Lee’s Summit or the surrounding areas!