It’s hard to remember your home even has a heater when it’s still sweltering out. With August heat still hanging heavy on the air around Lee’s Summit, it’s understandable that you haven’t given your heater a spare thought in months. Why would you, given the temperatures and humidity happening outside? But September is just around the corner, which means autumn and cooler temperatures are rapidly coming. This transitional point between seasons is the perfect time to call and schedule your bi-annual HVAC service to help prepare your heater to kick on seamlessly when the time comes — and to help your air conditioning unit prepare for its wintry hibernation.

Seasonal Heating and Air Conditioning Service

We’ve mentioned it once or twice before here in Comfort Pros Heating and Cooling blogs, but it’s important so we’ll say it again: seasonal HVAC service matters. Taking the time to schedule routine heating and air conditioning service at least once a year can help keep your HVAC system running smoothly. Better still, routine servicing can actually help prolong the life of your HVAC system and minimize repair needs. So, before you turn off your A/C for the winter and flip on your heater for the first time, call your local HVAC contractor for service.

Air Conditioning Service For Winter

Taking the time to winterize your air conditioning system before winter is comparable to winterizing a motorcycle or lawnmower; it prepares those mechanical systems to sit unused for several months without deleterious effect. A winterizing air conditioning service helps prepare the mechanical systems of your A/C unit to sit through wind, wet, and cold temperatures that could cause issues like rust or damage from debris.

Winterization for an air conditioning unit should include the following:

  • Cleaning the condenser – this is the boxy portion of your A/C unit that sits outside. Before winter hits, clear away debris and gently straighten any bent fins.

    • This is also a great time to clean out the inside of the condenser so small plant matter doesn’t decay inside all winter. Your HVAC technician can handle this as part of air conditioning service.
  • Change the air filter – a clean filter helps protect your system as well as improve air quality, so the seasonal shift is a great time to put in a new filter.
  • Check your compressor – specifically, listen for any odd clunking, grinding, or buzzing noises. If it’s making odd noises, call for air conditioning service before shutting down your system for the winter so you can rest assured it will start up again in the spring.
  • Cover the external unit – after you’ve cleaned your A/C system and turned it off for the winter, cover the outdoor condenser unit to protect it from wintry damage.

These steps, when combined, can help ensure your air conditioning unit is ready to turn on and go when spring starts warming up Lee’s Summit again.

Don’t Forget Heater Service

While your HVAC technician is preparing your air conditioning unit for winter, this is also the perfect time to have them do a pre-use heater service. Just as with your A/C unit, HVAC service before turning on your heater for the first time can ensure everything is in good working order. It helps extend the life of your furnace and heating system, and it can minimize the risk that your heater will go out during a blizzard. Annual furnace service can also help ensure your system is as efficient as possible, which can help keep your utility bills down without freezing the family.

During this pre-winter heater service, your HVAC technician will check to be sure the pilot light in your furnace is lit and that there are no problems with the gas lines. They will likely check (and possibly replace) your filter, but remember to also replace your filter every three months or so to keep your system running smoothly.

Seasonal HVAC Service

This fall, get prepared for the shift in seasons by scheduling your heating and air conditioning service early. The Comfort Pros Heating and Cooling team will come and do a thorough inspection of your heater to ensure it’s ready for winter. We’ll also help you get your air conditioning unit prepared to withstand the winter weather. Contact us today to schedule service in Lee’s Summit!