If you’re reading this post, we’re willing to bet that your air conditioner has suddenly quit on you in the middle of summer. Maybe your system has been performing well until recently, or perhaps it’s been on a slow decline since spring. No matter your circumstances, you’ve found yourself asking a question that countless homeowners have asked us: “Should I repair or replace my air conditioner?” In today’s post, we’ll provide you with an overview of a few factors that should guide your decision.

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Age is perhaps the easiest way to determine whether you should repair or replace. Air conditioning units can last up to 20 years, but it’s recommended that you replace them once they’re over 10.

As a rule of thumb, you can calculate whether it’s worth it to repair an older unit by doing a quick calculation. Start by multiplying your unit’s age by the cost of the repairs. If the number is below 5,000, then investing in air conditioning repair is probably the best option. If the number exceeds 5,000, you’ll likely be better off investing in an air conditioner installation.

As an example, suppose your system is five years old and your repairs cost $750. You’d get a result of 3,750, which is quite a bit lower than the recommended replacement threshold.

Past Repairs

You should also give some consideration to how many repairs you’ve had to make in the past. Every unit has problems from time to time, but some units are so poorly designed that they can become a huge drain on your resources if you keep investing in repairs. If your unit has broken down each summer for the past few years, then you may want to invest in a better unit from a more reputable brand. Just ask the Comfort Pros Heating and Cooling team for advice if you aren’t sure where to begin!


Last, but certainly not least, consider how well your unit is performing. Do your utility bills skyrocket during the summer? Do you have to have the unit running constantly in order to keep your home cool? Although the upfront cost of purchasing a new unit is often high, many homeowners find that the comfort, reliability, and lower energy bills are more than worth the investment in air conditioning installation.

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We hope that today’s post will help you determine whether you should invest in air conditioning repairs or a full air conditioning installation.

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