Don’t Let Your AC Unit Get You Hot Under the Collar

Summer’s here and in full swing. With the first day of summer just recently behind us, we’ve got a long way to go before the OKC area cools down a bit. While the idea of spending most nights out in restaurants, bars, or other heavily AC’d areas sounds like a festive (albeit expensive) way to spend the following months of summer, e know we’d much rather be in the cool comfort of our own homes, kicked back with a game or movie on TV and refreshing beverage in hand. If this sounds like how you’re planning to spend some of the hottest nights of the summer, do yourself a favor and make sure your AC unit is functioning properly to ensure you won’t spend even a few nights sweating and being overall miserable from the heat. While there are several signs that point to an AC unit that’s in need of some serious repair (or, in some cases, all-out replacement), we’ve highlighted five of the most common signs it’s time to have your AC unit looked at by the area’s most trusted HVAC specialist here at Comfort Pros.


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Sign Number Five: Your AC Unit Fan Won’t Turn On

It’s always a frustrating (if not infuriating) experience to turn on our AC . . . and no cool air generates. What gives? While there are other telltale signs your AC unit is in need of repair or replacement, this one is a big one. It’s entirely likely that your AC fan has gone out, meaning that no cool air will be blowing from your unit. The culprit could be a burnt out motor, broken or loosened belt, clogged/blocked air filter, or other issues. Either way, no fan means no cool air. If this is you, get us in there ASAP to get you back in the cool.


Sign Number Four: Unusual Sounds and Vibrations

Although some AC units are a tad on the noisy side, no properly functioning AC system should be emitting loud, vibratory sounds — especially if it sounds like metal bits rattling against each other inside the unit. While these sounds could be anything from a loose screw or belt to a worn out motor or other integral parts, it’s best to have a pair of well-trained eyes called in to assess your unit’s situation. No matter the problemed part(s), Comfort Pros has the experience and know-how to get your AC unit working correctly in no time.  


Sign Number Three: Water Is Pooling Around Your Unit

This is a pretty cut-and-dry sign your AC unit is on the fritz. But what could be causing water to pour out even when there’s cool air blowing out? Our AC units are fitted with a cold evaporator coil that cools down hot and humid air that’s been sucked in via the inside blower. Condensation naturally occurs, dripping into the condensate drain line and away from the unit. However, if this drain line becomes impaired, water can spill out of the unit. A wet-dry vacuum is a handy way to handle this annoying spill, but it doesn’t quite solve your issue in the first place, does it? Moreover, if not all water is able to drain, this can lead to further, more serious problems with your unit. Don’t wait to start treading water. Give Comfort Pros a call today. Besides, who wants an indoor pool they can’t even swim in?


Sign Number Two: Warm Air, Rather Than Cool Air, Is Coming Out of Your Vents

This can be one of the most maddening signs something is wrong with your AC unit: you’ve done an inspection of the unit and everything seems in order — no pooling water, no rattling, gently humming.

Still, there could be a number of issues going on, including a clogged outdoor/compressor unit. All systems have an indoor and outdoor unit. Our outdoor units are subjected to the elements, meaning dirt, dust, debris, leaves, and other problem-causing materials can clog these units, ushering in a whole bunch of potential problems. If you’ve checked to see if this is the case and could use an assist from the Pros, give us a call.

Pro Tip From The ‘Pros: Check to make sure your thermostat is not set to heat. We know it sounds strange, but even the slightest accidental nudge or bump can set it to heat. And, if you’re experiencing AC unit problems in the summer, it’s completely understandable to think that there’s no way our AC units would be set to heat. Crazy, but true. And you won’t want to pay us to figure this out for you.


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Sign Number One: Your AC System Is Working Overtime

We know, we know: of course something is wrong if your AC unit is running harder and more often than normal without you adjusting your thermostat. However, this isn’t often just a sign of your AC unit giving 110 percent to accommodate the summer heat. This can lead to exorbitant energy bills, making an AC unit replacement the least of your financial worries if this problem has persisted for some time. If you’ve noticed your AC unit has been running harder, louder, and more frequently, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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