Would you like to save money, keep your home comfortable, and increase your property’s value in 2021? A new air conditioner should be on your resolution checklist.

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Improved Air Quality

COVID-19 and the fires around the country prompted many people to consider the importance of indoor air quality. More specifically, they’ve prompted home and business owners to invest in air purification systems that ensure clean indoor air, often to the tune of hundreds or thousands of dollars.

A new air conditioner won’t deliver the results you’d expect from a high-end purification system, but contemporary models are designed to improve indoor air quality and often do a better job of filtering harmful pollutants than their predecessors. If indoor air quality is a priority for you and your family, we recommend considering an air conditioning installation in 2021.

Lower Cooling Costs

Although air quality isn’t a concern in every household, energy bills certainly are. Keeping your home cool can quickly become a financial burden that keeps you from having fun in the sun, but a new unit might be just what you need to lower your monthly costs. Contemporary air conditioners are highly efficient and can often keep your home just as comfortable at a much lower cost in the long run.

Improved Property Value

Whether you plan to sell your home in the near future or you’re simply looking for a way to boost your property’s value, investing in a new air conditioner is a smart move. Buyers want to know that they won’t be paying an arm and a leg to stay comfortable during the summer months, and as a seller, you’ll need to make your home stand out from the competition. Even if you plan to stay put for the next few years, an investment in a new air conditioner will help you increase your home’s value while also keeping your family comfortable — that’s a win-win in our book!

Smaller Environmental Footprint

If becoming more environmentally conscious is one of your goals in 2021, then we highly recommend investing in a new air conditioner. As we noted above, older air conditioners are much less efficient than contemporary ones and require more power to cool a home. As you’ve noticed with your monthly heating bills, small inefficiencies add up over the course of months and years. One air conditioner isn’t going to stop global climate change, but it’s one effective way you can reduce your home’s carbon footprint without doing anything other than scheduling an air conditioning installation appointment.

Fewer Air Conditioning Repairs

If you’re tired of constantly fixing an air conditioner that breaks down in the middle of summer, investing in a new unit might be the financially smarter move. Old and outdated units are notorious for breaking down due to poor workmanship and subpar components, but a new unit held to higher regulatory standards is unlikely to suffer from the same problems. If you start from scratch and purchase a brand new unit, routine air conditioning maintenance will greatly reduce the risk of a costly and unexpected breakdown.

We still have a few months before you’ll need to turn your air conditioner on, but there’s no better time than right now to think about investing in a new one.

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