Keeping It Cool

It’s an awful feeling: you’ve just come in from a long, tiring day on the clock, and all you want to do is relax in your living room or prepare a quick meal. But, as you walk into your home, you quickly realize that the temperature inside isn’t much (or at all) cooler than the sweltering conditions outside your door. Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common problem during the summer — especially in the Midwest when the summer settles in. There could be a number of issues that are plaguing your AC system, ranging from quick fixes to a total replacement or AC overhaul. Whatever the issue, the ‘Pros can take care of it. However, you can save yourself the frustration, hassle, time, and money by keeping an eye on your AC system throughout the year. This is as easy as scheduling a maintenance appointment before you plan on utilizing your AC for the summer. But, since summer has already made its presence fully known, there’s still time to get the ‘Pros in there to take a look and perform some routine air conditioning service. Think your AC might be on its last leg, in need of a serious tune-up, or just might need a pair of well-trained eyes to catch a problem before it starts? Keep reading to learn more about how routine maintenance on your AC system can save you time, hassle, and money.


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Catch Potential Problems

AC systems have a lot going on inside them. From ductwork to wiring, bolts to motors, all components of the system benefit from routine inspection and maintenance. Most often, these inspections reaffirm that your AC is in top condition — assuming you’ve treated your AC system with some love and routinely have your unit inspected. When one of the pros at Comfort Pros checks out your AC system, they look for a number of potential problems; from loose nuts and bolts to leaky refrigerant lines, we’ll be sure to catch the issue before it negatively impacts your AC system and, in turn, your comfort. So, just what all goes into an inspection, you ask? Quite a bit! But, rather than getting into the nitty-gritty details, let’s instead get into an overview of what we look for, and how catching small issues can prevent big problems.


Leaky Lines & Runaway Refrigerant

Refrigerant, the magical, cool air-giving component that is responsible for cooling and dehumidifying the air within the coils in your AC, is one of the system’s most important parts. Rightfully, keeping it housed where it needs to be is integral to the whole system performing at its most optimal. Since this refreshing refrigerant is so important, the price per pound can cost a pretty penny. Well, lots of pennies, actually. Having routine inspection and maintenance can help keep these and other costs down if a leak is found.

One of the more pressing problems brought about by runaway refrigerant is mold and mildew. If the condensation becomes too great, it can leak into the lines that feed into your home, causing a whole host of problems. Among these problems is the threat of harmful indoor air quality. Speaking of, let’s touch on how routine maintenance with Comfort Pros can keep your indoor air quality healthy.


Clear The Clog

Indoor air quality contends with many factors, not least of which is how well your AC system operates. It’s important to have routine checks on your AC system to ensure that — just like with checking to make sure there are no refrigerant leaks — there are no clogs or dams of debris in any of the lines. Even if your AC system isn’t completely clogged and seems to be working just fine, dirt, dust, and other contaminants can be blown into your home. This can potentially cause severe respiratory problems, heart complications, irritated eyes, and a slew of other unsavory conditions. But before we scare you too much, know that remedying clogged or dirty lines is a relatively straightforward fix, sparing you the complications and headaches — both physical and financial — brought about by dirty lines.


Overall Output & Efficiency

This may seem pretty straight forward, but when your AC is dirty or in disrepair, it has to work harder to produce the desired and expected output. Not only does this result in inordinate utility bills, but it engenders undue wear and tear on your already-problemed AC system. Even a simple clog can substantially reduce your AC’s efficiency. If a dirty or damaged AC system continues to function under unideal conditions, it’s likely to lead to a complete shutdown or failure, seemingly out of nowhere. And, with this summer projected to be one of the hottest ever, having a fully functional AC system is one of the luxuries you’ll surely want to maintain throughout these oppressive months. And you can! When the ‘Pros come in to perform our top-notch air conditioning repair services, they’ll take a look at everything from dirty ductwork to clogged condensers, ensuring that your AC system stays as clean as possible to give you the most optimal output and functionality.


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With summer in full swing, there’s no sense in waiting around and hoping the weather cools enough to justify turning off the AC. Barely into summer’s first few weeks, the Midwest has been pummeled by record-high temperatures, elucidating the need for well-functioning AC systems in our respective homes and places of business. Beyond just the desire to feel cool, keeping our homes and businesses comfortable is a safety issue; if we’re too hot for too long, health complications can set it. This is particularly problematic for older adults or for people who deal regularly with health complications. If you think your AC system could use some of Comfort Pros’ signature air condition services, don’t hesitate to give us a call today to schedule your next inspection.