Dear Homeowner,

I’ve always prided myself on helping you keep your cool. And now? Well, I’m afraid you’re a bit too hot-headed these days — and I can’t help but think it’s my fault. I still remember the day you first moved into this house and I gotta say: those were the days. 

You were young and single and had all this extra time to work on the house you just bought and spend time with me. We were always closest in the summer. I remember some summer nights that you just couldn’t take it anymore and spent the night on the floor next to me. Just you, me, and your pillow. I thought things could never get better. 

Then you got a dog! Oh boy, were we excited. Even better, lil’ Scooter loved me just as much as you did. Every day when you left for work in the summer, Scooter would scoot right over to me and get the sweet relief of my cool air. 

Our little group has grown a lot since then. You’re married, have two mini-yous running around, and Scooter doesn’t zoom around as fast as he once did. I’m the same though! I feel like it’s taking me longer and longer to get the living room cool, let alone the whole house. I feel as though I’m failing you and I just can’t take it anymore! Please, I still want to be a part of this family … will you schedule air conditioning service so I can stay? I know it won’t take much, and I’m certainly not asking for AC replacement or a young, millennial, new air conditioner to come and take my place. I know a simple air conditioning repair will make me bright and new again! 

Stay cool,

A. C. Unit

Schedule Air Conditioning Service in Lee’s Summit

We know what the summer heat does to all of us! If it’s that time of year and you simply aren’t getting relief from your trusted AC unit, then it’s time to give Comfort Pros Heating and Cooling a call. We have the experience, reputation, qualifications, affordability, and timeliness you’re looking for. In fact, we even offer 24-hour AC repair! Our air conditioning services in Lee’s Summit include everything from replacement to repair, tune-ups, and more. 

Your AC unit may not have actually sent you a letter, but if it’s time for air conditioning service then you know who to call. We even offer a free estimate to help you get started with our AC services, so give us a call today! And check out some of our other blogs to help you troubleshoot and plan repairs while we’re on our way: 

Here at Comfort Pros Heating and Cooling, we offer the air conditioning service you’re looking for. Get started today with a free estimate!