The holiday season is almost behind us, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your budget is in the clear.

Heating your home during the winter can be a source of financial stress for many, and in this post, we’re going to help relieve some of that stress by discussing five easy ways you can lower and keep your home more comfortable this winter.

As you’ll learn in more detail below, furnace service can help you make your home more efficient. Call Comfort Pros Heating and Cooling to learn more about scheduling a furnace maintenance appointment in Lee’s Summit or the nearby areas!

How to Save Heat This Winter

Turn Your Thermostat Down

This might sound like an obvious suggestion, but many homeowners aren’t in the habit of questioning their habits. If you have a certain temperature that you always set your thermostat to during winter, try turning it down a degree or two and seeing how you feel. Most people don’t notice the difference that a degree makes in terms of comfort, but you’ll almost certainly notice the difference in your utility bill when you’re consistently using less energy.

Take Advantage of Daylight

Although the winter can be dark and dreary, there are some glimpses of daylight that shouldn’t be discounted. If your home has windows that get direct sunlight throughout the day, make sure that those blinds are open when the sun is shining. An abundance of natural light will warm your home and help you ward off the wintertime blues!

Discover and Treat Drafts

If you open your blinds to let light in, you’ll also want to make sure that you’re not inadvertently allowing cool air in as well. Small gaps and cracks around your windows can allow cool air to seep in throughout the day, lowering your indoor temperature and forcing your heater to work overtime to catch up. If you notice cold drafts in your home, try to determine where they’re coming from and get them sealed as soon as possible.

Use Ceiling Fans

We typically use ceiling fans to cool off during summer, so it might sound counterintuitive to use them during winter. However, using your ceiling fans in reverse pushes warm air — which rises — back down to the floor. You don’t need to run them at full speed; a gentle push is all it takes to recirculate heat back throughout a room.

Invest in Furnace Service

If your monthly heating bill has slowly crept up over the years, it’s a good idea to call your local HVAC company for a furnace service appointment. In many cases, a quick tuneup is all it takes to boost your unit’s efficiency and lower the cost of keeping your home cozy and comfortable.

At Comfort Pros Heating and Cooling, we have extensive experience with a variety of makes and models. We perform furnace repairs, maintenance, and can even help you with a furnace installation if you’d like to outfit your home with a new unit this winter.

Give us a call to learn more about how a furnace service appointment can benefit you and your family!