Fall is in full swing and winter is on the way!

You’ve had your furnace on for a few weeks now, and while we hope that nothing’s gone wrong, you’ll need it to work well for the next several months, too. In this post, we’ll outline five mistakes we often see homeowners make at the beginning of the season and throughout the year.

If you’re making any of these mistakes, contact Comfort Pros Heating and Cooling and schedule a routine furnace service appointment. We’ll work quickly to make sure that your furnace is ready to keep you and your family comfortable all season long!

Five Common Furnace Care Mistakes

Leaving Filters in for Months

Most of us are spending more time at home than ever before, which means that healthy indoor air is more important than it’s ever been. If you’ve read any of our other furnace-related posts, then you know that we’re advocates for regular filter changes (and with good reason, too!).

You should aim to change your furnace’s filter every three months or so, depending on who lives in your home and whether or not you have animals. If you live with individuals who have allergies or chronic lung conditions, or you have several animals under one roof, you’ll want to evaluate the filter every six to seven weeks to ensure that it’s delivering as much clean air as possible.

Tip: Thicker filters have longer lifespans!

Skipping Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide detectors aren’t exactly cheap, but they just might save your life. Think about a detector in the way you think about a home security system — you hope that you’ll never have to use it, but you’ll be very glad to have it if you do.

Modern furnaces are more durable and well-built than they used to be, but they aren’t perfect. If yours breaks or malfunctions, carbon monoxide could leak throughout your home and cause a number of serious (and potentially fatal) consequences. Invest in your peace of mind and install carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home, and don’t hesitate to reach out to a Comfort Pros Heating and Cooling team member if you have any questions.

Storing Items Nearby

Your furnace is probably located in an area of your home that doesn’t get much use. This area also probably doubles as a storage space for miscellaneous goods, holiday decor, and anything else that needs to be kept out of the way. We understand that storage space is often limited, but your furnace shouldn’t be near anything flammable at any time throughout the year. Moreover, stacking boxes and other items near the furnace can impede airflow, reducing your furnace’s overall efficiency.

And on a related note, don’t cover vents and registers with rugs, furniture, or anything else. Your furnace will continue pushing air through your vents, potentially damaging the unit and undoubtedly wasting energy. If you did some rearranging and redecorating while spending more time at home this summer, double check that your new arrangement isn’t impeding ventilation!

Ignoring Strange Noises

Odd and unusual noises are always a cause for concern, no matter how old and outdated your furnace is. Believe it or not, many homeowners call us only after the unit shuts down entirely after months of making out-of-the-ordinary noises that they wrote off as typical signs of aging. If you hear your unit rumbling, screeching, banging, clanging, or making another noise that you haven’t heard before, it’s best to turn it off and contact a furnace repair expert to take a look.

Irregular Maintenance Appointments

While we hope that some of these issues will prompt you to call a furnace repair expert right away, investing in regular furnace service appointments is a great way to avoid the unnecessary stress and inconvenience of unexpected problems.

If you contact Comfort Pros Heating and Cooling for your furnace repair needs, we’ll schedule an appointment at a time that works best for you and ensure that everything is functioning properly. If it isn’t, we’ll outline everything you need to know about the necessary repairs so that you can make an informed decision for your home.

Give us a call or send us an email to get started with an appointment — we look forward to speaking with you!

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