Are You Sweating Over Furnace Repair?

There are a million different ways we could describe the oppressive temperatures of the Midwest during summer, all surely sprinkled with adjectives and prompting us all to begin looking forward to shifting seasons. But, blunty, it’s just really, really hot. ACs are operating at full force (well, at least they should be. If not, give us a call today about AC repair) and the only thing colder than our homes are the drinks in our hands. The last thing on the overheating planet we want to think about is, of course, more heat. But, the reality is that summer is an excellent time for furnace repair. We know it sounds asinine, but hear us out: we’ve had over 20 years worth of experience to examine these sorts of things, and, trust us: you do not want to be part of the unfortunate (too) many who wait until their furnace conks out on them in mid-January to have your furnace looked at by the ‘Pros. Not only are you in short supply of patience once left shivering from the cold due to your broken furnace, but you’re likely facing a whole slew of issues as to why your furnace is out in the first place. And getting to the crux of the condition can take a bit of time. But before we get bogged down by what-ifs, let’s get into some of the most common signs that your furnace might be in need of a professional’s touch.


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Sign Number Four: Your Furnace Cycles Constantly

Not only is this a sign that your furnace is taking a turn for the worse, but it’s a particularly annoying problem once the temperatures plummet. Think about it: it’s 20° outside, you and yours have just settled in to watch a game or show and, out of nowhere, your hot chocolate is now a cup of coldness and someone is inevitably complaining about their toes being frigid. At this juncture, you’re likely upset. And rightfully so. By the time you all take turns discussing the swift shift in temperature and you make your way to the furnace, it kicks back on and warm, appendage-saving air is flowing once again. But by the time you make it back to the couch, the furnace knocks off. Again. What gives?! There could be a number of issues that could be causing short cycling and those frustrating peaks and troughs in temperature. Don’t let neglected furnace repair ruin your nights with the family. Give us a shout today to get your furnace repair taken care of well before the snow arrives.


Sign Number Three: Your Furnace Has Gotten Noisey

Most of us have had the character-building experience of living with a trying roommate; you know, the roommate who not only ate your food and also went through your stuff when you weren’t home, but made noise at all hours of the day and night. It’s the latter factor that drove so many of us batty. While the noise we’re talking about doesn’t come from a roommate, it can drive us just as, if not more, crazy. If your furnace is kicking out noises and rhythms as on beat as the aforementioned roommate’s short-lived DJ career, there could be a whole host of problems going on with your furnace, including motor malfunctions. And once the motor goes, so goes the rest of the unit. While this might not be something you notice until winter when you’re actually using your furnace, we recommend turning it on to check for any issues, however briefly. If your furnace is emitting knocking noises, this could be the expansion and contraction of the ductwork. However, be sure to give us a call so we can get well-trained sets of ears and eyes on the problem so you can put furnace problems far from your mind.


Sign Number Two: Your Blower Stays On — Even After Your Switch is Turned Off

For years, when customers’ furnaces would stay on after being shut off, we got a startling number of calls about haunted furnaces. While we never found any poltergeist pranksters, we did find that a lot of limit switches that were having problems. Once replaced, the blowers became responsive once again. When limit switches are malfunctioning or flat-out busted, they can’t perform their duty of allowing gathered, warm air to blow into your home. More problematically, a broken limit switch allows air to continually pump. This results in temperature fluctuations, higher utility bills, and other potential problems for your furnace.


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Sign Number One: No Heat Output

One surefire sign that you’ve got a fritzing furnace is that it simply isn’t blowing any hot air. We know this sounds plain as day, but, hear us out. There are several issues that could be causing this. Let’s get into it.


Pilot Light is Out

This is one of the most common problems that we see. When we go from a winter of constantly using our furnaces to months of AC usage, we don’t think about our pilot lights. But summer is an excellent time to get it checked out, as it allows the ‘Pros to get in there to properly assess the problem with a flexible timeframe, should a part need to be ordered.


Furnace Has Overheated

You probably won’t be able to recognize this in the summer, since you won’t have your furnace on. But, a clogged filter can lead to an easily-overheated furnace. When our furnaces go months without usage, dirt, debris, dust, and gunk can compact into the air filter. This is one of the most common issues plaguing an overheating furnace, as material can find its way deep into the unit. Make sure to call the ‘Pros to take a look and make sure your furnace and ductwork is good to go for the coming winter. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about any of the info listed here, or about any of our HVAC repair services, don’t hesitate to give us a shout today.