Here in Missouri, we know a thing or two about summer heat — and that means we really don’t want our AC to go out on us.

Summer is just about here and the temperatures are heating up fast. If you’re in need of any air conditioning services in Lee’s Summit, then you can count on Comfort Pros Heating & Cooling. We offer unrivaled air conditioning repair and replacement services. Contact us today to request a free quote for your air conditioning service, and read below for tips for the summer!

Change The Filters

Change the filters, change the filters, change the filters.

How many times have you heard that command? However, this is one of the easiest ways to prevent air conditioning repair — and it’s probably one of the most overlooked ways as well! The U.S. Department of Energy suggests replacing your air filter every month or two in order to keep your AC running smoothly and effectively. Filters don’t cost much, but they can save you money by helping your AC to run smoothly and by preventing expensive AC repair.

Install (And Use) A Programmable Thermostat

You most likely already have a programmable thermostat … but do you have it programmed? You’ll still want to maintain a comfortable temperature if you have pets at home. However, even with pets at home, adjusting the temperature by a few degrees can cut costs and help your new air conditioner perform its best.

Schedule Air Conditioning Service

Who knows? By scheduling air conditioning service at the beginning of summer, you may be able to avoid more expensive emergency air conditioning repair later in the summer! AC repair typically isn’t something that you all of a sudden discover overnight — there are signs that your AC may be in need of repair for months before you call a 24-hour AC repair company.

Clean The Outside Unit

Your outdoor AC unit has been collecting dirt, dust, debris, and other types of gunk and grime outside all winter. To help it operate at its best and prevent the need to schedule air conditioning service in an emergency, you can clean the outside unit:

  • Coils – Disconnect the power and spray down the outside of the unit. If it’s too dirty to function well, schedule an air conditioner installation.
  • Fins – Use a soft brush along each fin to clean it, while being careful not to bend or damage the metal. Damaged fins? Contact your local air conditioning service company.
  • Concrete slab – Check to make sure the slab is both clean and even. If it’s uneven, you could try a DIY project or get help from an air conditioning repair service.
  • Remove debris – Debris isn’t just dirt and grime. You’ll also want to prevent plants and grass from getting too close to your AC unit and impeding its performance.

Check The Ductwork

When we check your air conditioning units, we’re not just checking your air filters and the concrete slab outside; we also look at the ductwork.

If you’re doing your own air conditioning repair to prepare for summer, be sure to see if you need to seal leaky ducts. If ducts leak just 20% of the air inside, then your AC unit could be working 50% harder. When you check the ductwork, keep an eye out for small holes, separated pieces, or disconnected joints.

Request A Free Quote For AC Services In Lee’s Summit

We want you to stay cool and comfortable this summer — and that starts with an AC unit that’s working properly. Whether you need a new air conditioner or simply air conditioning repair, we can help. Contact us today to get a free quote for air conditioning service with Comfort Pros Heating & Cooling.