If you’re like many homeowners, then you’re probably looking for ways to keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket in 2021. Maybe you’ve made a resolution to cook more meals at home instead of going out to eat, or perhaps you’ve refinanced your home to take advantage of unbelievably low interest rates.

It’s completely up to you how you want to approach the goal of saving money, but if you want an easy, low-effort way to save a couple of bucks each month, there’s almost nothing easier than reducing your energy consumption. Read on for five quick tips to reduce your monthly energy bill, and get in touch with Comfort Pros Heating and Cooling to schedule HVAC maintenance as part of your strategy!

How to Use Less Energy in 2021

Turn Lights Out

We’ll admit that this point sounds obvious, but we’re willing to bet that you, your partner, or a roommate could be just a bit better about turning out the lights when leaving a room. January is almost over, but it’s not too late to make a resolution to minimize unnecessary lighting throughout your home. While you’re at it, switch to LED lights instead of incandescent bulbs!

Unplug Idle Electronics

Did you know that your electronics still draw power when they aren’t being used? It’s normally a small amount, but even a tiny trickle of electricity can add up over the course of a year. Just take a moment to consider all of the electronics that are plugged in and aren’t being used — can you live without half of them being plugged in 24/7? If so, you’ll likely see the benefits reflected in a modest drop in your monthly utility bill.

Experiment With Your Thermostat

Small reductions in your energy consumption lead to large gains across time, and your thermostat is one more device that you can test throughout the rest of the year. This winter, for instance, is a great time to determine if you and your family could be comfortable if the heat were turned down by just one or two degrees. In most households, a small drop in the ambient temperature isn’t noticeable, but the energy consumption certainly is! Try the same thing in the summer — we’re willing to bet that you’ll still be comfortable if it’s just one degree warmer inside.

Get Strategic in the Kitchen

Do appliances in your kitchen raise the temperature throughout your home? While this can certainly be nice in the winter, it can send your energy bill through the roof during the warmer months of the year. Instead of using your range during the day, try barbequing or getting strategic by using your oven in the early morning or late in the evening.

Invest in HVAC Services

Last, but certainly not least, invest in HVAC services. Routine HVAC maintenance and necessary repairs can boost your AC and furnace performance, which in turn reduces the amount of energy required to heat and cool your home.

If you would like to schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment for your home, just give us a call or contact us through our website.

We can’t wait to help you save more money in 2021!