Ductless HVAC systems have been around for well over 20 years in their current form but were originally developed in Japan in the late 1970s. They have been extensively used throughout Europe and Asia as well as in commercial applications worldwide, but for a number of reasons, they have been becoming more and more popular in the United States in the last decade.


Ductless heating and cooling units are space and energy-efficient, and they require a minimal amount of maintenance to stay running well for years to come. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at ductless heating and cooling systems and help you determine whether a single-zone ductless option or a multi-zone ductless system is right for you and your home.


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How Can HVAC Be Ductless?

In a traditional HVAC system, warm air created by a heat exchanger or cool air created by a compressor is moved into your home’s duct network via a blower fan. That air then moves through the ducts and is distributed around your home.


With a ductless heating and cooling system, things work a little differently. They consist of three parts: an outdoor unit containing the condenser coil and other components, an indoor unit that contains an evaporator and an oscillating fan, and a remote for controlling the temperature. The indoor and outdoor units are connected via a refrigerant line protected by a protective housing.


Ultimately, the ductless HVAC unit uses variable speed compressors to match the cooling and heating load as it moves warm air in and cool air out (or vice versa), avoiding the cycling and rising and falling temperature associated with most central HVAC systems.

Single-Zone Mini-Split Units

The single-zone mini-split is small, energy-efficient, and affordable. This option is perfect for a couple of different situations. 


If you already have a primary central system, but there is a single room in your home that just never achieves the ideal comfort level, then a ductless addition to that room may be a great solution. These are also great options for folks who are living the tiny house life and people who want to add an HVAC unit to a garage, workshop, shed, or other unattached structure close to their home. Many single-zone units can even maintain heat and cooling for smaller homes.

Multi-Zone Mini-Split Units 

Multi-zone split units — sometimes called multi-splits — offer all of the benefits of the standard, mini-split ductless system. However, they also provide a tremendous amount of flexibility for maintaining air comfort throughout your entire home.


The multi-split systems use variable refrigeration flow (VRF) to allow each individual unit placed in and around your home to work independently. So, you can allow for warm and cool zones as members of the family prefer.


Multi-split ductless heating units are excellent for businesses, multi-family rentals and housing, and for people who want to move their entire home’s HVAC system to a ductless one, regardless of the size of the home.

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