Your home’s heating and cooling system is a complex network of machines and ducting that allows you to control the comfort level of your home all year-round in Lee’s Summit. The actual machines that do the heating and cooling — your heater and air conditioner — have moving parts that need lubrication, adjustments, and repairs from time to time. 


So to guarantee that you can get toasty when you want it warmer and snuggly when you want it cooler, make sure to get the proper HVAC maintenance you need to keep your systems running in tip-top shape.


In today’s blog from the air comfort professionals at Comfort Pros Heating and Cooling, we will take a look at what is covered in our HVAC maintenance plans and how you can choose the one that works best for your home, your life, and your budget.


Read on to learn more, or contact us today to get your questions answered or to schedule an appointment to check on the health of your HVAC system.

Our Basic HVAC Maintenance Plan

The Basic Comfort HVAC maintenance plan from Comfort Pros Heating and Cooling has everything you need to make sure that both your furnace and air conditioner receive a 14-point inspection — your heater in fall, and your AC unit in the Spring. This will help make sure that you’re in good working order for the season and that any developing problems can be caught and addressed early.


Our basic HVAC maintenance plan is perfect for homeowners on a budget, folks who recently installed brand new, warrantied equipment, and for people who don’t rely too heavily on regular use of their heating and cooling units.

Our Advantage HVAC Maintenance Plan

The Advantage Comfort HVAC maintenance plan includes everything that you get from the Basic plan but adds a few really nice perks that many homeowners may find valuable. In addition to the semi-annual checkup and inspections, you can also count on getting refrigerant top offs (if needed), condenser cleaning for your AC unit in the spring, 2-year warranty on any parts installed by our team, and discounted rates on diagnostic testing, service calls, and repairs — even on emergency diagnostics. Best of all, if you move to a new home, we will transfer this plan to your new address and inspect your home’s HVAC equipment right away.

The Advantage Comfort plan is great for people who are still working to get the most out of their slightly dated equipment but may still be better off with repairs than an AC or furnace replacement. The discounts make it a great way to keep an older unit checked and fixed up affordably.

Our Platinum HVAC Maintenance Plan

The Platinum HVAC maintenance plan is the ultimate in HVAC protection and service. With everything included in the other plans and more, you’ll never have to pay for diagnostic fees, enjoy 3-year warranties on parts installed, and get guaranteed 2-hour service windows if, and when, work is needed.


The Platinum plan is perfect for homeowners with elite, expensive equipment, multiple heating and cooling units, or who place a premium on peace of mind.

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